The Serious Business of Bang Trims

Poza Bangs

The Serious Business of Bang Trims

By Zahava

Put down the kitchen shears and listen up!

Ever wonder why your salon offers free bang trims?  Quite simply, we don’t want you hacking away at them with something from the arts and crafts drawer. We’ve seen what can happen when clients try their not so steady hand at what seems like an easy DIY task.  Little known fact but bangs are not cut in a straight line but rather snipped with the tip of the scissor a few hairs at a time.  The keys to success are professional grade scissors in the hands of a stylist.

Poza Bangs

Bang trims are serious business and require training as none are created equally.  From asymmetrical and blunt to parted, choppy and side swept, this should be handled by a professional.

Even Queen B had a super short bang mishap in 2014 seen here

Bang trims are great because they buy you time between appointments and freshen up your cut. They can actually give the illusion of a fresh cut.

Are bang trims really free?  At Poza they are our way of saying thank you to regular clients.  For this quick service, tips are appreciated but not expected.  Remember, we care about you looking good all the time in case anyone asks where you get your hair done!

In fact, there are some bangs around Charlotte we’d like to see in our chair.  If you know these ladies, please send them  our way!




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