Color Me Brave: Styling an Intuitive Icon and How It Came About

Color Me Brave: Styling an Intuitive Icon and How It Came About
By Zahava

Full disclosure.  I am a bit of an “intuitive junkie” and was all kinds of excited when I heard one of my favorites, Author Cyndi Dale, was coming to Charlotte for her workshop on Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts.

Knowing it would sell out fast, I went online to order my ticket and came face to face with Cyndi’s photo.  I immediately wanted to do her hair so bravely shot her a note via the website offering my services.  Surprisingly, I received a quick reply accepting my offer. 

She arrived at the salon last Friday and, as I expected, was such a lovely person inside and out.  She was very open to my suggestions as long as she maintained  a low maintenance, wash and wear style. She gave me free reign on color.   Over time, her hair had become solid blonde with no dimension so I knew that lowlights were a must. I ended up using a blue based, high lift blonde and a subtle natural ash tone for her lowlight. While applying Cyndi’s color we spoke about intuitive abilities and understanding our individual gifts. She is the kind of person you could talk to for hours and NEVER get bored.

While I blow-dried her hair, she could not stop smiling and saying “WOW” which is exactly what any stylist loves to hear. We were both absolutely thrilled with her color. Here’s the before and after.










Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, Katie Toussaint, the Editor of Charlotte Five, showed up at the salon to interview Cyndi about her visit to Charlotte.  You can read that story here

 Throughout the weekend at her workshop, Cyndi mentioned her hair and Poza Salon experience which provided many opportunities for me to discuss hair with other attendees.

It’s a little unlike me to send a note to a stranger like I did with her, but what a great result.  I guess it’s a great reminder that it never hurts to ask.  In fact, she’s coming back to the salon when she returns to Charlotte next March.  I can just feel it 🙂 Actually, she told me that.