Fighting Green Chlorine Hair

Ever notice how you hair can turn kind of green from frequent visits to the pool? Hair that develops from exposure to chlorine is related to the hard metal “Copper” found in the water. It’s not really the chlorine that changes the color of your hair, but the copper that goes deep into the hair and oxidize’s and turns green. Just like copper roofs!

Chlorine can do nasty things to your hair! So the best way to get chlorine out of your hair is stop it from getting in there in the first place! To prevent green hair from ever becoming a problem you have to deal with, wet your hair before going into a pool and put a good silicone conditioner in it and leave it like that. It will shield your hair from the metals in the water. Also put on a snug swimmers cap to keep the hair from getting wet. That will prevent your hair from absorbing so much chlorine and will mitigate the nasty side effects.