Finding the Perfect Hair Product

There are many factors involved in deciding which products are best for you. These factors are based on things such as; the courseness/fineness of your hair, if your hair is colored or not, how much time you spend in the elements, the amount of heat styling that you practice, and if your scalp is overly dry or oily, along with others. All of these things play a part in how much moisture and nutrients are taken from your hair, and therefore, how much you need to put back, while making sure that you do not damage it further.

There is no such thing as an all-purpose product since everyone’s hair is completely different. For example, if you color your hair, spend a lot of time in the sun, and use blowdryers and straightening irons regularly, you would not use a clarifying or cleansing shampoo, since it is too harsh for that hair type and it will just strip it more. You would use a moisturizing or hydrating shampoo and conditioner, and specifically a color-saving product to preserve and lock in the color.

The only sure way to determine which product is best for you is to have a professional tell you, or prescribe, if you will, exactly what you need to get it back to where it should be to maintain it’s shine, elasticity and smoothness. It is absolutely possible no matter the hair type!