Got Frizz?

To most of us, frizz is known as an evil spirit that moves in and out of our tresses without warning (and at the worst possible time), bringing with it volume fit for an Einstein convention. But what’s actually happening is that when we change environments with different levels of humidity (like going outside), the water vapor disrupts the hydrogen bonds in our hair (a.k.a. the smooth, sleek finish we spent so long creating) and it returns to its natural state … which is actually frizzy for many people.

How to effectively fight frizz:

-Start with a leave-in detangling spritz to nourish damp hair and scalp.

-Using the wide tooth side of a comb and comb hair in sections to remove tangles gently. Work from the bottom up, combing ends first, then from the middle down, and finally from the roots, as opposed to swiping comb all the way from roots to ends. This can catch onto tangled hair and cause breakage.


If you have slightly wavy to straight hair spray on a heat protectant to prepare hair for thermal styling. This helps prevent heat damage.

If you have curly hair apply a bit of styling wax/pomade to create a barrier that blocks out moisture and humidity. Work it into each curl to prevent frizz.

Wether you are styling curly or straight finish with a very light hairspray for the ultimate humidity barrier frizz.