Get to know Pooran and Zahava of Poza Salon

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Poza Salon is the brainchild of life partners Pooran and Zahava, established in July of 2006 as an outlet for the duo’s creative talents.  Since it’s opening almost 8 years ago, Poza Salon has become a much sought-after private salon in the neighborhood of Charlotte, NC.  Get to know Pooran and Zahava and find out what makes them and Poza Salon tick for as long as they have.

Their credentials
Pooran and Zahava couldn’t have lasted this long in a very competitive industry without having an arsenal of skill and talent under their belts.  Both partners started in the hairstyling business almost at the same time.  Zahava started in 1999 as an intern and has won twice in North Carolina State competitions for hair cutting.  Moving forward in her career, she ended up traveling to Los Angeles, Miami, New York and eventually landing in London at the prestigious Vidal Sassoon Academy.  Pooran was already a professional Radiologist when she arrived here from Iran.  When she couldn’t practice her profession she took it as an opportunity to pursue her hobby of cosmetology.  She found herself continuing her education in London at the Vidal Sassoon Advanced Academy.  She also attended Redkens color technique course.  As a result, she has become prolific in working with many color lines but her favorite happens to be Wella.  Another thing that she brings to Poza Salon is her expertise in eyebrow threading, also known “as Bande Abru” in Farsi, Pooran’s native tongue.

Their goals for the salon
The couple has very clear yet very simple goals they want for their Poza Salon business.  First, they wanted the salon to exude a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere for their clients so that the moment they step into the salon, they will immediately feel a sense of coming home and will be more open and willing to discuss what they want without fear or anxiety.  Pooran and Zahava believe that the more they know about their clients, the better they can design a hairstyle that suits their face and hair, their personality and their lifestyle.  With an initial complimentary consultation, the couple attempts to discover such details, recommend possible options and hopefully with much cooperation and trust, the client will go along with the recommendations.
Second, in line with creating a comfortable and relaxing salon atmosphere, Pooran and Zahava have designed the salon to be comfortably upscale without being pretentious.  A client is given preferential attention, usually with a glass of wine or cup of tea to begin with.  The objective is to lead the client to his/her own personal space where the hairstylist comes and goes over to find out what his/her needs are and to proceed with the treatment as if the client is royalty.  To create the right ambience, the salon has fragrant essential oils burning (they also enhance the moods in the salon) in addition to just the right touch of jazz music to keep the mood mellow and calm.

Their personal touch
Both owners are equally talented, highly-trained in their specialized fields, passionate about their craft and dedicated to the pursuit of creative professionalism.  Apart from these qualifications, at the heart of the matter, is their love for hairstyling and the fulfillment they get from their customers’ satisfaction.

In addition, the couple has two small children together so they truly understand what drives women, mothers in particular.  They have a soft spot for the LGBT community and welcome anyone with diverse families as their own.