Kevin Murphy

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image rinse

kakadu Plum infused moisture delivery system Contains micro algae for radiance and extracts of Colloidal Silver for a mirror like shine. Instant hydrating and
detangling properties from Evening Primrose Oil infuse the hair with moisture and gloss. For normal to dry hair.

image wash

kakadu Plum infused moisture delivery system. Contains Hydrolysed Silk Extracts that instantly smooth the surface, sealing in the moisture. Vitamins A, E and C lock in moisture to create a silky feel and a sensual touch. For normal to dry hair.



For Stressed or Damaged Hair – Enhance the condition and silkiness of your hair with born.again.wash. Containing Alfa Hydroxyl Acids to help remove dead skin cells from the scalp and Hydrolyzed Soy Proteins to permanently bond moisture to the hair. Rated #1 Shampoo by Poza Salon



matte paste for firm hold – night.rider is a firm hold matte paste that has strong setting abilties. Easy to mold and sets dry and hard. Essences of Boronia, pink grapefruit and tangerine make this masculine scent with clean and citrus notes to keep it fresh.