Hairstyle Trends for 2017

If you’re the type of person that puts a premium on how you look then it’s a given that you’ll be paying attention to the new hairstyle trends for 2017 before you even make an appointment  Poza Salon in Charlotte, North Carolina.  It helps to be in the know so that you can narrow your choices for your new hairstyle even before you get to the salon.  It also makes it easier for your hairstylist to make adjustments with your choice of hairstyle because she too will most likely be reading the same forecasts for the year.  For this 2017, here are the latest hairstyle trends to watch out for.

1.  Waves

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In anticipation of the freshness of spring and summer, soft and sleepy waves are expected to set the trend for long haired beauties this 2017.  Natural waves, that go together with either the “wet” look or the “windblown” look are going to be a popular choice.  This is best combined with a fresh, all-natural look to give the radiance, glow and energy of the start of the year. The key is making this look undone, but well done.

2.  The slick/ high shine look

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The slick look may be best described as a combination of a wet look (either partial or total) with a center or side parting of very straight locks of hair. Also, glossy not greasy. It is the rather extreme opposite of the Waves look as this hairstyle trend tends to look more severe.  If you don’t want your hairstyle to be too serious or severe, you may opt for the “damp” look which can be a combination of a wet, parted hair on the top of the head with soft, dry waves at the bottom.  Damp hair may also look windblown with just the right touch of moisturizer to give it a little volume.

3.  The Low Pony

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The “very straight” hair in shiny silky lengths is the first requirement for the low pony hairstyle.  Though you can pull off an extremely straight hairstyle with the slightest fuss of the hair straightening iron, you can take your hairstyle to the next level by tying it up in a low pony combined with the right hair accessory.  Just make sure that you position the pony at the nape and without any hair escaping the knot. 

4.  The Braid

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Yes, braids are back and you can have fun with them as much as you want.  Popular hairstyle trends for 2017 indicate a tendency for braids around the crown of the head for emphasis although a French plait or a chunky braid can both do well too as long as they’re styled casually and not severely.  The windblown look makes the braid look fresh.

5.  Hair accessories

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Hair cannot be completely set as the crowning glory without the right accessory.  Designers are making use of simple but pretty bows, elaborate and studded hairpieces, streamlined headbands and other creative hair accessories to accentuate the hair.  Choice of accessories will depend on the kind of hairstyle and length of the hair.  Hair can also be windswept or straight.