How to Choose a Hairstylist that’s right for you

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Your hair is your crowning glory.  You can’t just go to any old hair salon and trust to them to give them the hair that you want and deserve.  You need to do a series of steps to make sure that you find a hairstylist that’s right for you.  It may take a while, maybe even a bit of a trial and error, to finally choose one that understands your needs, understands your hair and is customer-oriented enough to make you feel comfortable while your hair is styled the way you want.  Here are the ways to choose a hairstylist that’s right for you.


Step 1:  Ask around for recommendations

The best advertisement for a salon, particularly for a hairstylist is by word of mouth.  Nothing has more weight than a recommendation from someone who is extremely satisfied with the service provided by both the salon and the hairstylist.  What’s more, you can easily determine if their opinion is worth believing since the actual result is pretty obvious. 

Sometimes, friends and family are not your only sources for good recommendations.  You may chance upon strangers as you go about your business and it’s a simple matter of asking them who did their hair and where.  It’s often flattering when someone asks you for your opinion especially if it means that your hair is obviously a work of art.

Step 2:  Time to confirm their opinions and recommendations

Once you get a short list of candidates for your potential hairstylist, it’s time to investigate.  You can simply ask for a consultation appointment to start with.  This will give you a chance to inspect the salon and see if you feel comfortable while you’re there.  Comfort isn’t in just the way you are treated by the staff but if the salon itself exudes a certain ambience that makes you feel relaxed.  Cleanliness is also a major point. 

Once you are able to talk with the recommended hairstylist, you can now determine if you have the rapport that you’re looking for.  Does she listen to what you want?  Does she know what’s wrong with your hair?  Is she presentable?  Does she make you feel at ease and is taking her time with you?  Does she offer reasonable suggestions about what should be done with your hair?  If you answered yes to these questions, then you may have the right hairstylist for you.


Step 3:  Time for the Deciding Cut

Once you have sufficiently exhausted all your efforts narrowing down your list to what you feel is the best candidate, it’s time for the deciding cut.  It may be advisable to bring a picture of the cut that you want so you won’t be leaving anything to the imagination.  But, it’s also important to keep an open mind if your hairstylist wishes to recommend a different version of the cut to suit your face or your type of hair.  If you feel satisfied or even elated with the result of your appointment, then you just found the Right Hairstylist for you.