Just Browsing

Last year, National Eyebrow Day on April 15 caught our attention on the Internet and we made a mental note to celebrate it this year in style. Then, we did some research and found another on October 2 so frankly, we don’t know when it is or if it’s even real!  That said, we’ve decided to make it a thing by honoring eyebrows throughout the month of April here at Poza Salon in Myers Park.

Like us, you’ve probably seen some scary brows out there from the over plucked and overgrown to flat out missing.


At Poza, we believe brows are part of your personal brand and should complement your hairstyle.  For starters, they should match your hair color unlike these unfortunate looks we found online.



Like hair, there are eyebrow styles and trends that come and go from thin to thick, often driven by celebrities of the day.  We shudder at the thought that 70s supermodel Brooke Shields made unkempt brows seem OK. That look doesn’t work for mere mortals.  Here’s a great Harper’s Bazaar story and slideshow about other iconic brows




At Poza, we believe brow shaping is an art and offer threading as a service. There are conflicting reports as to the origin of threading. Some say it started in India 6000 years ago and spread throughout the Middle East and Asia. I learned the technique in my native Iran where it was once reserved for special occasions.

I find threading is much better than waxing because it doesn’t irritate or stretch the skin and delivers a much more natural finish.  The slight pinching also stimulates blood flow.

For our April Eyebrow Celebration, we are offering all new clients a free eyebrow threading (by appointment only) which is a $30 value.  Call 704.523.2333 to schedule.

Send photos of any interesting brows you encounter to [email protected], via Twitter @pozasalon or Facebook.