The Perils of Skimping on Hair Care: Why You Should Only Trust Professional Stylists & Products

Hair Color Correction

As stylists, we can often feel like emergency room personnel triaging victims of home hair color jobs.  Sure, the $5-10 price and misleading names that make it sound nice and easy, sound good at the time until you have to fork over the big bucks for color correction at a salon.  And oh the colors of the rainbow we’ve seen from purple, pink and green streaks to black ends.  While we understand some of these hues can be quite trendy, these were of the unintentional, tearful type. Aside from the obvious color mishaps, these box jobs can harm your hair from massive split ends to thinning and stalled growth. In an extreme case, one client had to cut her long hair short and start over again from many years of home hair color abuse.  Quite simply, box color is unpredictable, a fraction of salon strength and rarely covers gray.

More criminal than the box color bandits are clients who spend hundreds of dollars on salon services and don’t hold up their end of the deal at home when it comes to hair care products. When we get the occasional call about color fading too fast, our first question is always “What kind of shampoo do you use?” We can always tell the work of drugstore brands.  Cheap shampoos contain harsh surfactants (cleansers that lather) which strip hair of natural oils and quickly fade color. The inexpensive conditioners are loaded with silicone (aka-dimethicone typically only second to water under ingredients) and waxes that build up and weigh down hair making it nearly impossible to color correctly.

Hair Color CorrectionInstead, you need something color safe and sulfate free.  At Poza, we use, advocate and sell Kevin Murphy products, a clean gentle line derived from coconut.  Did you know most high-end salons, Poza included, won’t guarantee your color if you don’t use stylist-recommended products?  Only professionals can match your hair type with the right shampoo and conditioner. Think about it, your hair never looks and feels better than at the salon and there’s a reason.   If makes no sense to trust your stylist with color and cut but not hair care product selection sold right there on site.

And don’t be fooled by salon brands found in big box stores and online.  Most are expired and sometimes have even been tampered with, as there are no safeguards to prevent this.  There have been cases where the contents of a big brand bottle have been diluted or swapped out with a cheap replacement.  This is why you should always buy directly from your trusted salon that has a vested interested in wanting your hair healthy the next time they see you. While dated, this story explains the dangers of diversion of professional hair products.

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