Protecting Your Hair Color From the Summer Sun

Protecting Your Hair Color From the Summer Sun
By Pooran

You hear so much about protecting your skin from the sun’s dangerous rays but what about your hair color? Whether you’re headed to the beach for vacation or the local swimming pool, here are some tips to protect your hair and still have fun:

Wear a sun hat. From wide brim to floppy, here are some of Amazon’s best sellers






Get a lighter shampoo since your outdoor adventures will likely have you shampooing more frequently. Make sure it is color safe and sulfate free. You can also consider a sunscreen shampoo. We recommend the Davines Su Hair and Body Wash sold at Poza for $23.






Invest in a swimming cap. They are much cooler than the swim team ones you are remembering and ocean salt and chlorine can do a real number on your lovely locks. Check out this fun Sporti flower one that comes in a bunch of colors we found at Swim Outlet for $12.95!







Hopefully, this will help you keep the right hue and protect your hair color investment.