Hot Scissor Haircuts

Many Poza Salon clients ask us how they can prevent dry and damaged hair and keep their locks smooth, shiny and healthy. Now, we are happy to give them an answer: the hot scissor haircut. This is the latest styling trend and involves the use of special hot scissors that seal hair ends after cutting them, locking in moisture and minimizing external damage. These state of the art scissors were designed in such a way as to mimic the natural hair growth process and keep hair healthier for longer.

The image below depicts two microscopic hairs: the one on the left shows hair that has been cut with traditional scissors. As you can see, it is split and more vulnerable to damage. On the right, you can see the difference made by the hot cutting scissors. The ends are smoother and this effect lasts for up to five months. The maximum temperature reached by these scissors is 310 degrees – but don’t worry, you won’t have an uncomfortable experience. The temperature will be adjusted based on your type of hair. If you have fine, frizzy hair, then the ideal temperature is around 250 degrees, but if you have thick, coarse hair, we can raise the temperature to 310 degrees.

Hot scissors are also a solution for frizzy hair, making it sleeker, more disciplined and easier to style. So if your dream is to grow Rapunzel’s beautiful locks, this modern styling tool might be a life savior. However, keep in mind that the effect is not permanent and that you will still have to come back for regular haircuts to maintain your hair health.

This method is more expensive than your average haircut, but satisfied clients swear by it and they wouldn’t go back. Give us a call for more details.