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Experience the “you” you’ve always wanted to be ...

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About POZA Salon

Experience + Integrity + Passion

POZA Salon is the creation of hair artists Pooran and Zahava, who met and fell in love in London, where they both attended Vidal Sassoon’s Advanced Academy.

Established in 2006 in the heart of Myers Park, POZA is a high-end and welcoming space where traditional and comfortable meets modern and polished. It’s where you can be YOU and we make every effort to enhance, celebrate and express your individuality.

About POZA Salon - Charlotte, NC

Behind every beautiful person, is a fabulous hairstylist ... your search ends here.

What makes us unique?

Our stylists work as a team and take a client-centered approach to hair. We pride ourselves on staying current in an ever-evolving industry - from trending looks and environmentally conscious products to advanced education and the latest cut and color techniques.

Pooran and Zahava’s flair for aesthetics and design is evident throughout the salon - an Oriental rug brought back from Iran, sleek, custom-designed shelves, imperfect-by-design rustic wood flooring and minimalistic fixtures.

Pooran, Owner/Stylists Poza Salon


Pooran's journey began with a degree in radiology from Iran, but upon immigrating to the US in 1996, she found herself drawn to a different path. Pooran transformed her hobby into a thriving career by embracing her lifelong passion for cosmetology.

In pursuit of excellence, Pooran embarked on an educational journey that took her from London's Vidal Sassoon Advanced Academy to New York for Redken's color technique courses. With years of specialized training and hands-on experience, Pooran has become a master in hair color and correction, preferring Wella as her go-to product.

Renowned for her expertise in short cuts, Pooran's meticulous eye for detail has garnered the loyalty of her clients. But beyond her technical skills, Pooran is also a certified business coach for salons and spas, blending her passion for hair with entrepreneurship. Energetic and innovative, Pooran approaches hairstyling enthusiastically, always seeking new insights to elevate her craft.

With over 20 years in the industry, Pooran's relatable leadership style and unwavering dedication ensure that every client leaves her chair feeling confident and empowered. Pooran goes above and beyond to exceed your expectations and leave you with a transformative salon experience, whether it's a precision cut or personalized styling tips.

Zahava, Owner/Stylists Poza Salon


Zahava is a Charlotte native and North Carolina State University alumni who began her cosmetology career in 1999. Shortly after her internship, she traveled to L.A., Miami, New York to hone her styling skills. She then headed to London to further her training with the prestigious Vidal Sassoon Advanced Academy.

Early in her career, Zahava won two NC State haircutting competitions, inspiring her passion for working with students and interns and teaching them the skills she learned while abroad.

Over the past few years, Zahava has become one of the most sought-after stylists in Charlotte. Her clientele’s loyalty is attributed to her innate understanding of what looks best on a woman from a woman’s perspective. Zahava’s dedication and passion for her craft is unsurpassed.

Meet the POZA Team

Marissa - Stylist - Poza Salon - Charlotte NC


Meet Marissa, a Charlotte native & your go-to hairstylist, for a seamless and satisfying salon experience. With her warm and approachable nature, Marissa instantly creates a comfortable atmosphere, ensuring you leave feeling relaxed and confident.

With over 4 years behind the chair, she is passionate about bringing your hair visions to life, no matter how daring or unique they may be. Through personalized consultations, she takes the time to understand your needs and desires, guiding you through a range of options in clear and understandable terms. You'll collaborate to find the perfect style that effortlessly complements your lifestyle.

With a wealth of experience working alongside industry experts Pooran and Zahava, Marissa has honed her craft to perfection. As a senior stylist at Poza, she continues to refine her skills, staying at the forefront of the latest trends and techniques.



Introducing Natalie, our dedicated salon manager who ensures the smooth operation of our establishment with her proactive approach and exceptional listening skills. With over a decade of experience in hospitality, Natalie excels at understanding client's needs and matching them with the perfect stylist to meet their expectations.

Although not a licensed cosmetologist, Natalie's passion for self-care and commitment to excellence have led her to thrive in the beauty industry. She understands the importance of creating a welcoming and efficient salon environment where clients feel valued and pampered.

With Natalie at the helm, you can trust that your salon experience will be seamless and tailored to your preferences. Her keen eye for detail and genuine care for each customer ensures you'll feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Leah - Stylist at Poza Salon, Charlotte, NC


Leah is your vibrant and dynamic hairstylist who infuses every session with excitement and flair. With her infectious charm and unwavering confidence, Leah creates an atmosphere where you'll feel fabulous and rejuvenated after sitting in her chair.

A quick learner with an adventurous spirit who constantly explores the latest trends and techniques, ensuring your hairstyle is always on point and ahead of the curve.

Leah's passion for curly hair sets her apart. Whether enhancing your natural curls or crafting a stunning new look, she's dedicated to helping you achieve your best bouncy hair days. Plus, she'll share her expert tips for maintaining your curls at home so you can always rock that effortlessly chic style.

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Leeloo (dog) and Willow

We're hiring!

Be part of an amazing team!

We’re hiring licensed stylists and cosmetologists who share our values and want to be part of a supportive culture focused on your well-being and success.

At POZA Salon, every team member has the same stake in the business, so there’s no competition or undermining among co-workers. Everyone on our team is trained or knowledgeable in all salon areas and participants in the interview process for new stylists.

Apply now to join the POZA Salon team!

Benefits Include:

  • Advanced in-salon training with our artistic director
  • Stable and generous compensation
  • Team goals and bonuses
  • Paid vacation
  • Career growth opportunities
  • Coaching and mentorship
  • Flexible schedules
  • Retirement Plan
  • Complimentary educational opportunities