Make the Perfect First Impression


Make the Perfect First Impression

Hair Coloring

Determine the hair color & look you want to achieve

If your hair color drastically differs from your skin tone, it will give you a more dramatic look. If you want people to look at you and notice you, or you want to stand out in a crowd, consider going down this path. If you choose a hair color that compliments the tonality of your skin and eyes, you’ll be able to achieve a more natural look. Think about why you want to dye your hair and choose a color that helps you achieve your goals.

If you’re tired of being overlooked or passed by in the bar or a club, having a more dramatic hair color will get you more attention.

The more drastic your hair color differs from your natural hair color, the more likely it will look brassy or ashy. Colors that don’t naturally occur in nature like pink, blue, green or purple will make you stand out.

Pick a hair color that compliments your tone

This will allow your hair color to look natural and attractive. Those with a cool tone look good in colors like wheat blonde, walnut brown, tawny blonde, golden caramel, or copper.

Those with a medium tone look good in gold, honey, auburn, cinnamon, ebony brown or mocha.

Chocolate brown, mahogany, toffee, or other warm and rich colors are best for darker skin.

Ask The Experts

Talk to one of our stylists and ask for advice when seeking out new hair color. Our experience will allow us to give you tips on which colors are right for you. We will also fill you in on the cost and maintenance over time. Please leave the hair color to us! We have fixed many botched home jobs over the years that cost the client way more to fix than it would have if we had done it originally.

Wella Hair Color and why it's our #1 choice for hair color

Wella Professionals has been around for 135 years and made the first cream colorant in 1950. Today, Wella has one of the largest selections of tints, and users can walk away with red hair or blonde hair that matches their dreams. Wella also still has a semi-permanent line, and in addition they offer re-lights which act as toners. We prefer it because it offers intense, luminous color tones and leaves hair very shiny. It also provides excellent gray coverage, and customers find that the hair color remains vibrant longer than with other beauty brands.

If you're really curious...

Hair color is measured in two ways: by the level and the shade. Color level runs on a scale of one to 10, with one being the darkest color (jet-black) and 10 being the lightest color (platinum blonde).

Within each of those levels are the color pigments-eumelanin (black-brown) and pheomelanin (red-brown), which control the shade of the hair. Dark hair (levels 1-4) contains many red pigments, and blonde hair (levels 7-10) consists mainly of golden pigments.

If your hair shade is somewhere in the middle (levels 5-6), you’re going to have more orange pigments, a combination of red and yellow.