Eyebrow Threading

You Get Defined Brows, Maintenance Is Easier, It's the Gentlest Form of Hair Removal & It's for Facial Hair Only.

Threading is, at its core, all about precision. Even the tiniest hair can be teased out of its follicle. You can thread one hair at a time or a line of hair, giving you well-defined brows.

The Threading Process

First things first, here's how eyebrow threading actually works: A piece of thread is taken and twisted on itself as it's glided along the brow to shape it. The hair is removed from the follicle, but it doesn't damage the skin. Before the actual threading happens, you'll be given a consultation to decide on shape. The whole process takes around 15 minutes to complete.

Threading Benefits

Since threading only removes the actual brow hair and no skin, it hurts a whole lot less than waxing. This also makes it more precise, so your threading artist will be able to remove finer hairs that usually don't stick to wax. While waxing can often leave unwanted stray hairs around your eyebrows, a threading artist goes through your hair row by row, giving eyebrows a clean and defined shape.

Does Threading Hurt?

Threading is significantly less painful than waxing. While it can still be a little bit uncomfortable, there's little contact with the skin. There's also no risk of burning or irritating your skin with wax.

How Long Does It Last?

Much like waxing, threading generally lasts two to four weeks, but this depends on your hair type. However, you may eventually be able to go longer between appointments. Hair will start to grow back sparse and finer after repeated threading because hair is pulled out at the root, which gets weakened through this process.