Haircut & Styling

A great haircut or hairstyle can lift years off your look and make you feel completely reinvigorated, few realize that it's your face shape that is truly at play.

As the foundation for any haircut, the shape of your face determines how your hair will emphasize your eyes, lips and cheekbones. First, you'll want to determine what face shape you have naturally.

The texture of your hair-whether straight/wavy, curly or highly textured-is another essential part of determining how your final cut will look. Texture determines how your hair is going to fall. You can plan a haircut according to your face shape, but if you ignore the texture of your hair, your cut can end up looking very different from what you're expecting.

Basing a cut on your face shape and hair texture can make you look your best, and translate into saving you some serious styling time in the morning.

Your Haircut Should fit Your Lifestyle

Your lifestyle should be a consideration when choosing your haircut, whether your preference is to pull your hair back in a quick pony for exercise or while working or even factors like humidity that you may have to contend with. Don't fight the reality of the way you live. Be honest and ask yourself, 'Am I willing to blow it out each morning?'

At Poza Salon you will receive a customized haircut that best suites your face shape, texture, and lifestyle. Our stylist are thoroughly trained by the owners to provide you with the most precise, trendy and appropriate haircut that you will love.

Lastly, it sounds like a corny Pinterest quote (and it probably is), but it's the truth: Confidence is all you need to pull off literally any haircut.

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