Beth Goes Glam!

Hair Extensions - Charlotte NCA while back, we decided that we all needed a little more GLAM in our lives. As a result, we have added Glam Seamless Hair Extensions as a part of our Poza Family, and we are BEYOND excited! We flew in two Master Stylist/Extension Experts from New York all the way to Charlotte to teach us the Glam way of life! During our jam-packed day of training, we learned two extension installation techniques: tape-ins, and the braid-less sew-in method.

The other day, I had an opportunity to transform our very own Beth into the ultimate Glamazon! We did a combination of both installation techniques. This was her first time with hair extensions, so we sat down with her to get her feedback from her initial install.

Lily: How does it feel to be a Glamazon?

Beth: *strokes hair in fascination*

It is awfully fun to flip back and forth, not gonna lie!
Well, first of all, obviously I’ve never had hair this long before. So, that was scary. I feel like it doesn’t feel as scary as I thought It would.

Lily: What were you expecting?

Beth: I was expecting it to feel really super heavy and HOT. And maybe restrictive, meaning, they mentioned I needed to braid the hair to sleep. I was thinking about what if got wrapped around my neck and tangled.  ?

Lily: So, sleeping hasn’t been uncomfortable?

Beth: No, but I will say 2 braids felt better than one.

Initially, the sew-ins felt weird. The first night I took an Advil. They weren’t “painful” just sore, if that makes sense. By the second night, they were perfectly fine. Nothing hurts and I don’t even notice the tape-ins.

Lily: Got it! So, the install is comfy. What are your thoughts about the hair itself?

Beth: I love that hair! The hair is very strong and soft. It’s very full. Not frizzy or crunchy. It feels like really nice hair and it blends well. My hair is naturally pretty straight, but I don’t have any issues with having to make it look like MY hair. I will say, I haven’t washed it yet, so when I tried to put in the braided style it was a little stiff. We also curled the hair the night of the install and the curls haven’t stayed more than a day. I’m thinking maybe that will change after the first shampoo. I know they mentioned that there was protective layer on the hair that should wash off during the first shampoo. I’m really excited to see what it will look like it has been air dried!

Lily: Good to know!
Lastly, Beth, what would you tell someone that might be nervous about having extensions?

Beth: I’d say don’t be nervous. Some people might think it feels weird or heavy, but it doesn’t. I thought I would feel it on my hair more. I usually can’t even wear a headband or ponytail all day without it being annoying, but this doesn’t bother me. Go for it!

So, there you have it guys! Beth loves her new Glamazon transformation and so do we! We hope this information was helpful. We know everyone wants the deets, so we will be following up with Beth in a few weeks at her maintenance appointment to get an update! If you’re intrigued and want to know a little more, click on the “Book Appointment” tab to schedule a consult! We would love to meet you and plan your Glamazon transformation!