REF Product Line

We are very excited to announce that we have a new member of the Poza family! We have recently fallen in love with a product line called REF and we are SO excited for you to try it!

REFWhy do we love REF? I’m glad you asked! The REF brand is all about embracing and enhancing natural beauty. The keep things simple and sustainable, without compromising their integrity or quality of product. THAT is something we can stand behind!

Because we take pride in our culture of inclusivity and happiness, we love that we are partnering with brands that uphold the same values and standards. REF’s products are great for every hair type! They are naturally 100% sulfate and paraben free. The Care line is 100% vegan, and cruelty free! If you have fur babies like us, we know this is important to you as well.

Here are a few REF goodies we just can’t get enough of:

COLOUR BOOST MASQUE: REF has some of the coolest tinted color boost masques! They have fun colors like turquoise and pink, or more natural colors like ash brown and dark blonde. The masques care great for refreshing hair color or toning highlights at home in-between appointments. 

DRY SHAMPOO BROWN: Everyone loves dry shampoo! I mean, who wants flat hair?! The only con I can think of with dry shampoo, is that if you’re a dark haired girl, sometimes the powder spray can leave a white cast at your root. Well, REF has taken Dry Shampoo to the next level by offering a tinted dry shampoo! Bye, Bye chalky hair! Hello, dark and lovely!

: One thing I hate about a lot of mousse is that it can be VERY tacky to touch. We love REF mousse because they provide a way to eliminate sticky situations! The REF mousse is a non-sticky formula that adds volume and body whole providing long lasting hold. This is a must-have in our bi-polar Charlotte weather!

When booking you next appointment, mention you’d like to play around with some new product! We can’t wait to see if you love it as much as we do!