Everything You Need to Know About Hair Extensions

Hair Extension POZA Salon - Charlotte, NC

Hold on to your fabulous hair, folks, because we’re about to dive into the exciting world of Hair Extensions! We know you’ve got burning questions swirling in your beautiful head. Are hair extensions a hassle to maintain? Will they wreak havoc on your precious locks? And hey, can you reuse them? Fear not, dear friends,…

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Six FAQs About Glam Seamless Extensions

Hair Extension - Charlotte, NC

Are you thinking about getting the luxury hair extensions worn by celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift and the Kardashians? We have the answers to your questions! Q: Can I color my hair with extensions? Can they be custom colored? A: Yes and yes! Regular color appointments aren’t affected by extensions. We offer…

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Beth Goes Glam!

Glam Seamless Hair Extensions - Charlotte, NC

A while back, we decided that we all needed a little more GLAM in our lives. As a result, we have added Glam Seamless Hair Extensions as a part of our Poza Family, and we are BEYOND excited! We flew in two Master Stylist/Extension Experts from New York all the way to Charlotte to teach…

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